The Great Exhibition of 1851

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Wot is To Be.pdf
A series of satirical cartoons depicting visitors to the exhibition and the various nations involved with the exhibition.

Overland Journey .jpg
A depiction of the artifacts and visitors of The Great Exhibition.

Crystal Palace Stereograph-1.jpg
Stereograph of the exterior of Crystal Palace.

Color panorama of the exhibition, showing a variety of exhibits and visitors. Includes explanations of the exhibits on display.

The Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations illustration-1.jpg
A large illustration depicts the Crystal Palace and people from many different nations

The Comical Creatures from Wurtemburg.pdf
Including the story of Reynard the Fox: with twenty illustrations, drawn from the stuffed animals contributed by Herrman Ploucquet of Stuttgart to the Great Exhibition.

Picture Book for Little Readers.pdf
A bound collection of children's books.

Voices from the Workshop.pdf
A large poster featuring song lyrics and a small partiotic [sic] sketch.

Exhibition Novel.pdf
A comical book written in phonetic language describing a visit to the fair. A dictionary is included at the back of the text.

Children's Prize Gift Book.pdf
Overview of the exhibition aimed at children with encyclopedia-style entries on countries and products.
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