The Great Exhibition of 1851

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Auerbach, Integration and Segregation.pdf
A chapter discussing integration and segregation of The Great Exhibition



A collection of cards, invitations, notepaper, songsheets etc. relating to the Great Exhibition of 1851.pdf
A scrapbook of material collected by Charles Wentworth Dilke. Includes correspondence, certificates, hymn cards, invitations, writing paper with Crystal Palace illustration letter heads, a menu for the Lord Mayor's Civic Banquet, and two original…

Illustrated Omnibus Guide for Foreigners and Country Visitors.pdf
The pamphlets are aimed at tourists and fair-goers.



Holy Writ 100 Languages.pdf
A foldout poster featuring the sentence "have we all not one father?" from the bible in one hundred different languages.

Holland & Belgium.3.pdf


Holland & Belgium.2.pdf


Exhibition Novel.pdf
A comical book written in phonetic language describing a visit to the fair. A dictionary is included at the back of the text.
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